In the kitchen is where the passion began but never ended for New York City Chef Ed Harris. Over the past decade, Ed has been heavily involved in the food business, and in many aspects as well. His experience ranges from high end private events, off site events and various celebrity gatherings to consulting on menu items and restaurant concepts. Throughout his career Ed has worked as a Tournant, Junior Sous Chef, Banquet Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Dim Sum Chef, Expeditor and Saucier and now that he is a Consultant Chef, he uses all those areas of expertise to further his career. His experience in the different positions has given him the opportunity to play an active role in the planning, supervision, and creative aspects of the food industry. When it comes to sharing his love of food with others, Ed Harris work is not just limited to assisting in the process of providing customers with avant garde meals. He has dedicated much of his leisure time to informing younger children about food and the business of food. Ed has also participated in events to help raise funds for several charities. Some of the many organizations he has volunteered for include the Taste of New York, Autism Speaks and the James Beard Foundation. He has also appeared on the Food Network channel as the winner of "CHOPPED" "Turbot Powered" and on "Chef Wanted" with Anne Burrell, "Beat Bobby Flay" and a few others. The Chef who specializes in different styles of Cuisine, Asian being his favorite and is a graduate of the Art Institute of New York City. The St. Lucian native seems to have found a great connection with the world of food and his journey in that world has only begun.