All About Pancakes

All About Pancakes

Pancakes are American classics. Piled up high, dressed in syrup, butter, and all your preferred topping, they complete breakfasts and lunches. So, here’s to the delicious dessert that we can no more fathom our days without; here’s all about pancakes.

Origin of Pancakes

The name pancake originated in the 15th century and became standard in 18th-century America. But when did this the dessert came to be? 

The history of pancakes might surprise you. Would you believe that these fluffy delicates date back to Stone Age! That’s right. Researchers have found pancakes in the stomach of 5,300 years old remains of an Irish man, Otzi the Iceman.

Ancient Greek and Romans enjoyed wheat flour pancakes made in olive oil, honey, and almond milk. Pancakes were the muse of the poetry composed by Magnes and Cratinus. The dessert changed flavors during English Renaissance when they were curated with spices, apples, sherry, and rosewater.

Today, pancakes exist all around the world, as prevalent transcultural food. They come in various flavors, shapes, and sizes. Pancakes can be thick, thin, savory, sweet, small, or large!

Fun Facts about Pancakes

  • World’s first-recorded pancakes from 1st-century AD were fried concoctions named Alita Dolcia, meaning another sweet in Latin. They were made similar to modern-day pancakes.
  • Pancakes were Shakespeare’s favorite and mentioned in his plays.
  • According to the Oxford dictionary, the phrase “flat as a pancake” has been around since at least 1611.
  • The oldest-recorded pancake race was the all-female race held annually in England’s Olney in 1445.
  • The world’s first pancake mix wasn’t made until 1890 when R.T. Davis Milling Company released Aunt Jemima mix.
  • Apart from the National Pancake Day, there’s National Blueberry Pancake Day, which is celebrated on 28th January.
  • In Sweden, they serve Blodplättar pancake made with pig blood.

Different Types of Pancakes

You’ll find this sweet-savory snack in great variety. There are eggs-made, eggless, flour-made, flourless, vegan, gluten-free, and even soufflé pancakes. 

Geographically, from the homestyle American pancakes to the delicacy of French Crêpes and Dutch Poffertje, this battered snack takes different avatars in different parts of the world. While all types of pancakes are delightful, here are famous 16 favorites.

  • French Crêpes
  • American-style Pancakes
  • Dutch Poffertjes
  • Russian Blinis
  • Moroccan Msemen
  • Irish Boxty
  • Finnish Pannukakka
  • Australian Pikelet
  • Indonesian Serabi
  • Korean Jeon
  • Scotch Pancakes
  • Danish Aebleskiver
  • Italian Crespelle
  • German-Dutch Baby Pancake
  • Swedish Raggmunk
  • Vietnamese Banh Xeo

Different Ways to Make Pancakes

There are more than 50 different ways to cook pancakes. You can dip them in honey or maple syrup, make them spicy or sweet. Of these, the most famous pancake recipes include those made with:

  • Caramelized apples and bananas
  • Coconuts
  • Gluten-free buckwheat 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Soya and oat 
  • Quinoa 
  • Cake batter 
  • S’mores 
  • Red velvet 

How to Make Perfect Pancakes?

Flapjacks, hotcakes, griddlecakes – whatever you call them, are delicious. They are even better fluffy and with punchy flavors. To help you make them, here’s how to make perfect pancakes. 

  • Make sure you use fresh baking powder
  • Whisk your ingredients dry and resist over-mix to avoid lumps
  • Add sparkling water to make crisp and light pancakes
  • Let the batter sit for 15-30 minutes 
  • Wipe the butter off the skillet between batches to prevent off-tasting or burnt bits

How to Make Pancakes Healthier?

We know pancakes are mouth-watering and addictive. But knowing the amount of butter and sugar in it, many repress their desire to enjoy them as often as they’d like. If only there were ways to make healthier flapjacks! There are. You could:

  • Use whole grain instead of white flour
  • Add more nut meal and fruits
  • Use fiber-rich ingredients like brown rice and coconut flour
  • Add seeds like chia, poppy, or flax
  • Replace syrup with honey or molten jaggery

Here’s to making moreish pancakes! Bon appetite.