Are pancakes a good idea for breakfast?

Breakfast needs to be healthy and an energy providing food that acts as fuel to run the body throughout the day. So, while choosing the ingredients for breakfast one needs to be more cautious and prepare healthy as well as tasty foods.


Pancakes are one of those delicious food dishes that is loved by every age group, but vegans doubt whether they can have them as a part of their diet. The answer will be YES because pancakes can be prepared while avoiding dairy ingredients and dairy products too. These ingredients can be easily replaced with other foods that can be considered in the vegan diet. 


Most people doubt if pancakes can still be tasty prepared without dairy products, but they can be by replacing ingredients like cow milk with non-dairy milk or other milks or just use #chefedsbrunchmix and just add water. In this way, even vegans can prepare delicious and yummy pancakes. 


Vegan pancakes not only can be tastier than traditional pancakes but also will be fluffy in the same way when eggs are added. And vegans can easily replace eggs with mashed bananas or chia seeds or apple sauce as per the requirement or availability or baking powder.


So, these vegan pancakes can also include few additions like fruits, honey, oats, chocolate, coconut, spinach, and others as per the availability. All these ingredients can make pancake recipes as a perfect breakfast, that is healthy as well as tasty. These vegan treats will not only make your stomach full but make your day full of energy.