Best Ways to Become a Vegan

To transition towards becoming vegan will need a lot of self-control. At times, you will have cravings too. It is normal. You don't need to beat yourself to it. Whether it is that you are against animal cruelty, opting for a healthier lifestyle, or simply experimenting, adopting a vegan lifestyle will need you to plan. Doing so will help you get an idea about what dietary changes you will make, how you will make those changes, and how much it will cost you.

Here are 5 tips on how to become a vegan and adapt to the new meatless lifestyle easily.

Do Not Rush Yourself into Becoming Vegan

Experts have also recommended that you cut out one food item at a time. Leaving all at once – meat, cheese, and milk – can overwhelm or even discourage you. According to author Victoria Moran, chicken and eggs are a great way to start your journey towards veganism.

Another way she suggests is to be vegan only at home first. It will help you keep control of what you eat. You can start by becoming a vegetarian in the beginning and slowly turning into a vegan.

Experts like Mark Bittman proposes the idea of vegan before 6:00, while Andre Kroecher asks you to start by substituting one most-consumed food item with a vegan alternative. For example, dairy milk by almond milk.

Experiment with Your Food and Try New Things

Turning vegan does not imply you have to give up your love for delicious food. You can be vegan and still treat your taste buds to scrummy dishes. In fact, leaving your culinary comfort zone might even bring delicious never-thought-before recipes on your kitchen slab. Several vegan restaurants are also sprouting all around the world. They might not be as easily accessible as normal eateries, but you must know that options are available.

From meaty burgers to vegan pizza, you can get everything delivered to your house. The Internet is brimming with tempting vegan recipes that let you recreate any dish into plant-based. 

Stick to Nutritious Vegan Food

Remember that one of the major goals of veganism is to take a healthy diet. By eating processed food or skipping nutrition beats the purpose of the entire lifestyle. Also, do not assume that vegan cookies are your way to a thin waist or that garlic bread made with vegan margarine is always healthier.

Stick to a nutritional diet that included green vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, hemp seeds, tofu, and et cetera. For those who are fitness freaks or like to maintain a fit, good-looking body will find many vegan protein powders and shakes only.

There are ample resources in nature that will provide you all important proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. All you need to do is make a better choice and not treat veganism as a shortcut to a short-term goal like weight loss.

Join a Vegan Support Group

Steps to becoming vegan can make you feel overwhelmed. There is a lot more to being vegan than just dietary change. You may get asked a lot of questions and people may even scrutinize you. If you live in a family where no else is a vegan or have a group of friends who are all non-vegetarians, transition may feel challenging. 

To ease the challenge, get valuable knowledge, and learn more about lifestyle from someone who has paced the same path as you can feel reassuring. If nothing else, you will need someone to rant about how many times you’ve been asked the same questions about protein and nutrition. Where do you get them from?

You don’t always have to leave the house to join a vegan support group. Several online groups are available across Facebook.

Remember Why You Started the Vegan Journey

If you ever feel discouraged, remind yourself of the reasons that encouraged you to become vegan. Remind yourself of all the benefits of becoming vegans that you too have enjoyed.

You will probably find turning vegan a lot easier than you are expecting it to be. On any given day if you feel challenged and being vegan comes across as too tough, stop and take a deep breath, then reflect on your choices.

While you are learning how to start being vegan, keep in mind that being vegan is a lifestyle. You do not have to follow the rules rigidly. The idea is to enjoy the journey and stick to the values that had boosted you to make the transition in the first place.