Can Veganism Be Unhealthy ?


Eating plant based is getting heavy press right now. We over here at Knife N Spoon are vegan, and support the vegan lifestyle. However, we want you to be clear about a few things. 

Don’t get it twisted, there are a lot of unhealthy vegan or plant based products. Just because it’s plant based doesn’t mean that it’s “good for you.” There are chemicals and additives that go into making shelf stable food items, even the ones that are plant based, and considered to be “healthy” for you. 

Here’s one tip: If it’s processed, it’s not considered “whole food.” Whole food items are from the earth, minimally processed and very close to their natural state. Think of unaltered vegetables, fruits and legumes. They get plucked from the earth, and then it’s time to eat them. Not whipped up with chemicals or processed to make them taste more like meat, and last longer on the shelf. 

When going plant based or vegan, focus on eating minimally processed food majority of the time. Processed food isn’t something you want to rely on daily. The goal is to eat whole natural foods; legumes, vegetables, fruits. Save the processed foods for when there’s a strong craving for a burger or certain type of food or maybe a last minute situation. Another good rule of thumb is, if you can’t pronounce what’s on the label, it might not be good for you. We’re just wanted to share so you can be aware. Eat well my friends.