Do Pancake Recipes Need Eggs?


One of the biggest doubt for vegans is that should they avoid eating pancakes as it contains eggs. The answer is a big ‘NO’ because eggs are not the necessary ingredient as they can be replaced with other ingredients without any compromise in taste. And these ingredients will also bring the same fluffiness to the pancake recipes without eggs. 

Are you wishing to know about the substitutes for eggs in pancakes, then before that it is essential to know why eggs are used in these recipes. So, let's have look on what is the role of eggs in pancakes. Eggs act as a perfect binder, they make the recipe fluffier to make it lighter, add richness in flavor along with the golden brown color, and also produce moisture. And all these make the pancake more delicious.

Having the role of egg in mind, the following ingredients can be chosen as the best substitutes for eggs. 

1. Butter from seeds

Butter prepared from seeds such as peanuts, cashews, almonds, or sunflower that acts as the best substitute for pancake recipes. These seeds have a better binding property, give fluffiness along with rich deep nutty flavor to the mix.

2.  Flax gel

A gel-like substance is prepared from the flax seeds, by blending water and seeds into a smooth paste. This works as a great substitute for all vegan baked goods. And is a good source of proteins too and also adds a yummier taste to the recipes.

3. Applesauce

Applesauce is another great substitute for the eggs that are used in the pancakes. As it has a sufficient amount of moisture and at the same time also have the binding feature that is necessary for the pancakes.

The above mentioned are the best substitutes to the eggs at the same time they provide all the sources of vitamins that are necessary.

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