How a plant based diet can positively impact the environment?

A plant based diet is being adopted by more people across the world these dayears and this culture is increasing at a faster pace in Western countries. A vegan diet apart from making a person healthier it also provides a positive impact on the environment. 


Researches also confirm that greenhouse gas emissions are saved and help in having a better environment soon. Adopting a sustainable vegan diet by a large number of people helps to keep the environment in better conditions by fighting against climate changes and at the same time establishing a sustainable food system. 


Animal agriculture is a major factor that contributes to the impact on the world. As meat or farmed livestock or dairy accounts, for a larger percentage of the human-made greenhouse gas emissions. 


Researches has estimated that if every person on the earth adopts to be a vegan or more plant based, then the food-related emissions can be reduced to about 70%. And this transformation can take up to 3 decades and offering a helping hand in the reduction of global warming. The most important benefits that contribute to the environment by adopting veganism or a more plant based life are:


1. CO2 production is reduced to a relatively greater extent, because of the reduction in harmful greenhouse gases from the livestock sector and human-related activities.


2. Reduction in nitrous oxide and methane production is observed as these emissions were higher in livestock. 


3. Water is saved and can be preserved for the future with the reduction in animal waste, antibiotics and hormones do not pollute the water.


4. Ecological footprint is reduced.


All these major benefits can help, but in turn, creates a more sustainable environment.