Are you considering making the switch to a more plant-based lifestyle, but not sure where to start? Going vegan can seem daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be. With a little bit of planning and some tasty vegan recipes, transitioning to a more plant-based lifestyle can be easy and enjoyable.

Here are some tips to help you make this journey easier:


Take it slow

Going plant-based overnight can be overwhelming, if you are not fully mentally ready. Try gradually incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet before cutting out animal products completely. This can make the transition easier and give you time to learn more about vegan options.


Stock your kitchen with vegan staples

Having a well-stocked pantry with vegan staples like beans, grains, and nuts will make it easier to create delicious plant-based meals. Keep a variety of frozen vegetables on hand for quick and easy meals, and don't forget to stock up on plant-based milks and your meat substitutes like mushrooms and tofu.


Experiment with new ingredients, spices, seasonings, and new flavors

Going vegan is a great opportunity to try new ingredients and flavors that you may have never tried before. Look for recipes that use ingredients like quinoa, tempeh, and lentils, and don't be afraid to try new spices and seasonings.


Find vegan replacements for your favorite non-vegan foods and start with your favorite dishes first

There are many vegan alternatives to popular animal-based products, such as plant-based milks, vegan cheese, and meat substitutes. These can be helpful in replicating your favorite non-vegan meals in a vegan way.


Seek out plant-based communities and resources

There are many online communities and resources available to help you on your vegan journey.


Connect with other vegans and get tips and support

Look for vegan blogs, plant-based podcasts, forums, and social media groups.


You can join Chef Ed’s Plant-Based Community by texting the word including the hashtag #eatmoreveggies to 4043834405 and receive helpful tips, meal ideas, access to new spices first and so much more.

Going vegan doesn't have to be difficult. With a little bit of planning and some delicious plant based recipes, you can easily transition to a plant-based lifestyle. So don't be afraid to give it a try – your taste buds, your body, your family (and the planet) will thank you!