Chef Ed Spice Launch



Chef Ed is excited to announce, Faye's, a new line of spices created by he and his mother. Sourced from the best locations around the globe, Chef's selection of onion powder, cumin, madras curry and more are sure to enhance every vegan dish they touch.

After nearly 20 years of preparing meat in private kitchens and restaurants, chef began to explore the benefits of a plant based diet. Chef, his wife and children are vegan, or "veganish," with an occasional piece of fish or addition of cheese to a favorite recipe.

Chef Ed's pursuit of a plant based lifestyle led to the launch of a spice line to enhance the flavor of vegetables. By enhancing the flavor of vegetables with premium spices, Chef believes he can make more vegan converts. Or at least encourage people to eat more vegetables on a regular basis.

Faye's spices are easily ordered on his website, Purchase individual spices, or buy the entire spice bundle today.