Some Veggies We Should Eat

A plant based diet is healthier with the best nutritional values included in it because it consists of plant protein. Intake of plant-based food has higher nutrients than animal proteins as per the researches made in various instances reveal it. So, vegans and plant based dieters generally get confused about what type of vegetables need to be considered in their diet. Eat All!! Taste the rainbow!!!


Here we are going to list out the some vegetables that need to be part of the your diet, very often, these are to be included without fail.


1. Super Green Broccoli 

Make Broccoli part of your plate and this super green vegetable will load your body with good nutrition and rich calcium. And vegans can earn huge amounts of calcium through broccoli, and it will be beneficial as they avoid the dairy products in their diet.


2. Tasty Sweet Potato

One of the most liked veggies by everyone. It is loaded with huge amounts of vitamin A along with beta carotene. Essential minerals and vitamins are also available in this vegetable.


3. Healthy Spinach

Spinach is one of the most important green leafy vegetables, as it provides vegans with lots of vitamin A. Eating spinach helps to fight off harmful radicals with anti-oxidants. 


4. Healthiest Kale Juice

Kale provides better nutrients that help to maintain a healthy heart. And this juice consists of higher levels of HDL which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease too.


5. Colorful Bell Peppers

Bell pepper of any color is packed with high levels of vitamin C as well as magnesium. Also, they help in losing weight and shed off bad cholesterol. At the same time, bell peppers help in the reduction of stomach ulcers.


The above mentioned are five healthy vegetables which should be consumed regularly as a part of your diet.