Vegan Food Inventions Leading the Plant-Based Revolution

5 Vegan Food Inventions Leading the Plant-Based Revolution (and 5 Vegan Trends We Want to See)

The food industry is going through an immense transformation where more and more people are trying out vegan cuisine. With every passing year, inventions are becoming more extravagant than ever. Some of them are too good that the world thought they were impossible to cook until they eventually were. Of these, 5 vegan dishes are so impressive, they blow your mind and water your mouth. 

The Impossible™ Bleeding Burger

The revolutionary fake-meat trend has found a leader in Bleeding Burger. Nothing like its crumbly and dry predecessor, it looks juicier and tastier with a pink patty that is charred and smoky. It looks and tastes so meat-like that vegetarians are not even able to finish samples! The unprecedented Burger 2.0 is a delicious concoction of protein, binders, fat, and flavor. Besides, it is gluten-free. 

Beyond Sausage and Meatless Bacon

Vegan aisle is on the rise as food like plant-based sausages and bacon find their spots in its rows. Made without gluten or soy, these pork alternatives have brought back the succulent flavors to a vegan’s table. Both boast a healthy blend of ingredients, which has more nutritious value and less fat than meat.

Vegan Pizza 

When the most sought-after dish gets a vegan makeover, you know the world is changing.

What makes vegan pizza an impressive invention is a fact that the dish is all about cheese. And it is no secret that in the vegan world, cheese is a big no-no. 

Yet the melty goodness has been achieved and yes, without dairy products. The perfect mix of nuts, vegetable oil, tapioca flour, pea protein, and nutritional yeast has recreated the yeasty flavor with an added twist of veganism. Today there's a plant-based facsimile for almost every popular pizza cheese.

Vegan Belgian Waffles 

Because vegans too have a sweet tooth! The much-talked-about Belgian waffles are a dish on everyone’s bucket list, and vegans are no exceptions. With the invention of gluten-, grain-, and dairy-free alternatives, now we can also happily strike it off. 

Vegan Omelet

The invention that taught the world how to make an omelet without breaking eggs deserves to be on this list. With the goodness of gram flour, these eggless omelets are not just delicious but also healthier and protein-rich. More so than touted egg whites.

5 Vegan Trends We Want to See in Future

While a shift in the food industry and lifestyle is evident, there are 5 major vegan trends that are still missing. 

Plant-Based Milk with Higher Nutritional Value

Yes, when it comes to non-dairy milk, options are pretty much endless. Yet, a better substitute for cow milk is needed to enrich the nutrient profile of plant-based milk. While some brands are offering milk with more sugar, others are overloading their product with calcium. Hopefully, in the future, brands will come forth and provide better plant-based milk.

Vegan Caramel at Starbucks

It’s 2020 and vegans want to drink almond milk caramel macchiato, and without having to ask them to skip the caramel. The trend may come off as footling, but many vegans are awaiting this little change.

More Unprocessed Ingredients 

It is great that vegan cuisine is evolving, recreating substitutes for meat and dairy products. But many companies, to give their products long shelf life, add processed fillers, sugar, and preservatives to them. It is shocking how a diet based on the idea of healthy-eating can plummet off beam when brands start refining instead of redefining veganism.

Dialed Down Vegan Prices

Turning vegan doesn’t have to be expensive, only it is. While a frozen pack of vegetables won’t cost much, any vegan embarking on a more organic journey will pay several times the amount. But even with the organic aspect aside, vegan specialties like veggie burgers cost more than their meaty counterparts.

Making a transition would be a lot easier and encouraging if veganism didn’t need deeper pockets. After all, there are foodies, Amante de café, wine connoisseurs, and travelers among vegans too. Eschewing fast food, avoiding restaurants, and eating at home is not always possible!

More Vegan Carnivals and Cruises

Carnivals and food fests are great ways to spend an outing with family and friends. But not having a suitable selection of food can damper the day. The world has witnessed vegan food fests, then why not carnivals and cruises as well? Even the mental image of enjoying a non-dairy ice-cream on the ocean is tantalizing. And the thought of enjoying a cruelty-free burger after going on a Ferris Wheel is nothing short of a #lifegoal.