Chef Ed on the Today Show 


Chef Ed was featured on The Today Show showcasing his cooking skills recently. As you all know, Chef Ed is a vegan chef, and author of the book; Veganish. He takes great pride in bringing flavors together to create delicious and healthy vegan recipes. 

Preparing for the colder months with comforting food is one of Chef Ed’s super powers. His skills of combining ingredients to create delicious and hearty vegan soups was the highlight of his Today Show feature. Check the link to grab the recipe, and recreate the charred cauliflower, navy bean or carrot ginger soup for your family and friends. Traditionally made with heavy cream, Chef Ed makes these soups shine while steering clear of animal products. 

If you want more of Chef Ed’s vegan creations, you can check out his blog or follow his podcast. Not only will you find delicious recipes, but also tips on getting started with a vegan lifestyle. We could all use a few more plants in our diet, why not make sure they’re also delicious.